The North American Retail Dealers Association (NARDA has joined forces with the Professional Service Association ("PSA") on September 1, 2017.
Founded in 1943, NARDA, the association of independent dealers of appliances, consumer electronics and home furnishings prospered after World War II under the name the National Association of Retail Dealers of America.  NARDA members introduced television and new appliances such as the microwave oven to consumers and rode the wave of postwar prosperity until retailing began changing with the introduction of big-box retailers in the 1990s and Internet retailing in the 2000s.  PSA is a trade association dedicated to the independent appliance service industry.  PSA works hard to be the voice of the independent service provider and to assess and identify industry related problems and provide solutions. PSA is dedicated to providing educational training and support for technical schools, technical certification, CFC certification, business management training, support and fairness to the independent service industry. PSA encourages professionalism and honesty and publicly identifies those technicians who provide a level of service professionalism that meets the criteria established by the service industry, with industry approved certification credentials. Together, the combined strength of  PSA and  NARDA , led by Executive Director  Randy Carney of PSA , will work hard and continue to represent the industry, provide CFC Certification,  servicer certification,  advocacy,  training, and scholarship opportunities. All current memberships in both organizations will continue and will be enhanced from the combination of benefits from both organizations . Randy can be reached at either or by phone at 888/777-8851.