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The AHAM/NARDA Refrigerant Recovery Certification Program is a test that also includes a downloadable "self-study" guide designed specifically for those who recover refrigerant from appliances grouped as “Type I” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Cost: $60.00
Type I "Open Book" Test

What's Needed To Pass the Test:
Because this is an "Open Book" Test, an 84 Percent or higher is required to pass.   

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        Online CFC Type 1 Course/Certification

Welcome to the "NEWLY UPDATED” online version of the  AHAM/NARDA  Refrigerant Recovery Certification Program. The EPA requires technicians recovering refrigerant during appliance sealed system service be certified by an EPA approved organization. This new course/test has the latest requirements from the EPA including HC's and offers a convenient, affordable and thorough self-study course designed especially for those who recover refrigerant from appliances grouped as “Type I” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We strongly recommend downloading the study guide first and really read it. There is quite a bit of important information in that document that will be needed to pass the test. The Study Guide comes free with the purchase of the test.  You can also buy just the Guide ahead of time in PSA's online store. This course/test is only available online and because of the built-in security features you must sign in before accessing the test.  If you are already a full PSA member then you are good to go!!  Not a member?  Don’t worry, you can sign up using a FREE PSA "Certification & Coursework Only" Member Type that will give you test taking and certification privileges including logging in and reviewing and re-printing your certificates. This Refrigerant Recovery Certification Program includes a self-study course/study guide and is designed for those who recover refrigerant from appliances grouped as “Type I” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 
Who sponsors this program?
The EPA approved program is sponsored by the North American Retail Dealers Association (NARDA), and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) and hosted by the Professional Service Association (PSA). 
cfc2.jpgWhat products are included?
"Type I” appliances under EPA regulations are called “small appliances” and include: refrigerators and freezers designed for home use, room air conditioners including window models, packaged terminal air conditioners, packaged terminal heat pumps, dehumidifiers, under the counter ice makers, vending machines, and drinking water coolers.  These products were grouped by the EPA because they are manufactured, charged and hermetically sealed in the factory with five (5) pounds or less of refrigerant.
How much does the Certification program cost?
The AHAM/NARDA program costs only $60 per application.  This includes a test, a downloadable training manual, instant computerized scoring of test results, plus a wallet-sized certification card and a wall certificate for those who pass. 

This is an open book test that includes a downloadable study guide.
We suggest to have the study guide open while taking the test.   
Because of this, 
to pass the test, you will need a a grade of at least an 84 percent.

If you fail, you will have to pay an additional $60 fee to retake the test.  

What's the test like?
The AHAM/NARDA Refrigerant Recovery Certification Program offers different test versions, each based on the EPA’s official bank of questions that are randomly chosen so that no one gets the same test.  Each test version contains 50 questions – 25 on general ozone depletion and refrigeration topics (including EPA regulatory requirements) and 25 questions about “Type I” appliances.  Applicants also have access to a comprehensive 82-page training manual, prepared by home appliance industry experts, which focuses on issues relevant to “Type I” products, for study and open-book reference while taking the test. Once the test is paid for, the opening page of the test has the download link and  applicants will be given a password for access to the study guide. if successful in passing, you will be able to download a wallet-sized certification card and a wall certificate for your place of business. Please note if you fail either section of the test you will have to pay an additional $60 fee to retake the test. Use the link at the top of this page to purchase the CFC test. Again, to access and order the CFC test, applicants will need to be a PSA Member or will need to create a free Course/Test account on the PSA web site then login and pay $60 for the course. Applicants will be sent a confirming email with the login and password for future reference and have access to the full course and study guide. Applicants in the process of taking the test that need to stop can do so by  clicking save and just logout. You can log out and back in up to 5 times. Once applicants pass the test they will have access to print the wall and wallet certificate.

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How can I get information on other types of CFC Certifications?
NARDA only administers Type I certification so for Type II, III, Universal, and Automotive Certification, please visit the EPA Web site at     
Are you already NARDA - CFC certified but just need a replacement certificate? Just click here.